Pacific Beach At A Glance

Pacific Beach is the quintessential SoCal beach town, known for its amazing surf, vibrant locals, miles of beach, abundant night life and active living. PB, as it is known by locals, extends from Mission beach to Bird Rock along the coast and stretches East to Interstate 5. It is central to many popular tourist destinations and only 9 miles from the airport and downtown San Diego.

This town is a surfer and beach goer paradise. There are yellow and black checkered flags along the beach denoting surf only and swim only areas. Swimmers and boogie board areas are life guard supervised with the stand out area being from the pier two miles south to Pacific Drive. North of the pier has a limited swim area as it is dedicated mostly to surfers. Pacific Beach is a sold surf spot with a variety of breaks. Tourmaline and Law Street, located where the rugged headlands of Bird Rock end, is a surf only beach offering novice and longboarders a slow rolling wave. It is a favorite spot for windsurfer and kiteboarders when the wind is up. Crystal Pier is a decent left, and closer to PB Drive is open beach break. The majority of PB surfers are laid back and know the score so just paddle out and have a good time

PB is part of the Ocean Front Boardwalk which is a 3.5 mile stretch of boardwalk that runs from PB to South Mission Beach and is the most popular beach area in all of San Diego. This popular biking, walking and running path is lined with shops and restaurants. It is also home to the iconic Crystal Pier. This historic wooden pier is a great vantage point to enjoy sweeping coastal views, one of the best places to watch the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean, fisherman hauling in the day's catch and some of California's best surfers at play.

In addition to activities at the Crystal Pier, you’ll find great things to do on nearby Mission Bay! Mission Bay Aquatics Center is one of the world's largest instructional waterfront facilities offering surfing, sailing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, stand up paddling, waterskiing, rowing, kayaking, and windsurfing. A fun alternative is to hop aboard the Bahia Belle. They run cruises day and night between two locations, the Catamaran Resort Hotel or the Bahia Resort Hotel. Their early evening cruises are great for families and the after dark cruise becomes a popular floating nightclub!

Pacific Beach provides an adventure in eating and drinking. Pacific Beach is known for its active night life. It features a wide variety of excellent restaurants, some of the best bars around and for those morning warriors no shortage of amazing coffee houses. This is a sports town and if you are a fan of a specific team there is most likely an affiliated bar in town.

Ever wanted to sleep over the ocean? The pier is lined with Cape Cod-Style cottages run by the Crystal Pier Hotel that can be rented but you will need to plan ahead! These cottages book up a year or more in advance.

Pacific Beach is a unique mix of long time locals and young people. This area is popular not only with younger crowds for the night scene but families too. You can see many young children with parents playing in parks, building castles on the beaches or grabbing a bite to eat. Those living in the community are active in the general betterment and beautification of Pacific Beach. There are many organizations and events to support the community such as monthly dine out, beach and neighborhood clean ups, community groups, etc.

If you want to come to town for a special event consider these fun local activities:

Pacific Beach is a true South Coast beach town with an endless amount of amazing experiences waiting just for you. Find more information on this amazing seaside destination here.

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